Land Rover Defender 110 Utility

With final production nearing it’s end the popular Land Rover Defender model is now in very high demand for those driver’s who appreciate its no-nonsense approach to off-roading. Customers willing to purchase the final production runs will find that a wealth of extras have been included in the package. Air conditioning, central locking, high quality leather seats and customised mats are all on offer. However, there seems to be a limited availability on being able to make the rear area into a more comfortable environment.

Vanax were contacted by one of their regular customers¬†and tasked with giving one of their new Defenders a little higher spec for their foreign hirers who love to take a Land Rover around Scotland for the ultimate tour vehicle. The vehicle was stripped back to its bare metal from the fornt seats to the back door. All plastic trims, seat belts, seats and rubber mats were removed to allow for a full carpeting of all bare metal panels. A high-flex charcoal grey carpeting was used to allow a complete carpeting job. The floor was split from the sides to allow this to be changed in the event of excessive spillages during it’s working life.


The seats, trims and belts were all then refitted to turn this Land Rover into one of the most comfortable yet practical vehicles on 4×4’s fleet. Not only does carpeting cut down on road noise it also helps to insulate the body during those long, cold Scottish winters. We have orders to carry out the same style of conversion on a variety of Defender models in the next few months. We will upload more images of the various specs selected when they are completed. Please contact our sales team on 08450 348 340 to discuss your particular requirements or to book your vehicle in for some special treatment!

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