Lightweight GRP Linings

We are pleased to offer our customers yet another van lining option. GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) has been commonly used in food vehicles for decades but the process has always meant that payload was affected. A GRP lining offers a fully washable, impregnable lining which is suitable for carrying foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, animals, corpses and hazardous, infectious and dangerous materials.

Where the fibre glass would normally be bonded to a plywood lining already fitted in the vehicle this would often increase the overall weight of the kit and therefore reduce your payload. The time it took to fit and the dusty nature of the product would often mean that the van would never look brand new again.

Car Fibreglass panels are manufactured in Italy to suit each specific make and model. They are contoured into the shape of each metal van panel allowing for a perfect fit and minimising lost cargo space. The panels are bonded together in place with a special  heavy duty sealant ensuring a watertight fit in every vehicle. Because the panels are pre-formed it reduces the fit time significantly with most conversions  being completed within 4 to 6 hours and with the added benefit that the lining can be removed and transferred to your new vehicle (when the identical make and model is selected).

Car Fibreglass panels offer a solution for all popular UK make and models of vans. Please browse our full GRP lining section or contact our sales office on 08450 348 340 for further information. Because of the technical knowledge required to install this conversion we are currently only able to offer this as a Vanax workshop fit. We can locate approved installers throughout the UK if this would be more convenient for you.

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