Avoid heat build up in your van – especially when carrying pets

Many people come to Vanax to sort out an age old problem. How do you keep a van cool when the temperature rises?

You know what it is like when you get into the driver’s seat of a van which has been parked in the sunshine. It doesn’t even have to feel that warm outside but the temperature rises quickly within the cab. This is even with the headcloth and foam insulation fitted as standard by the manufacturer. Now think about the rear of vans most of which have bare metal roofs. The temperature can rise significantly in just a short space of time. So what’s the answer? Well firstly you do not often have the benefit of leaving a window partially open because most vans now come with front steel bulkheads so you have to look at providing extra airflow into the rear.

There are a number of options for increased ventilation but it is important that you understand what each can do.

Flettner rotary vents – the market leading product to improve ventilation. Most people however are not aware that a Flettner vent only extracts air and does not provide any way to provide more air ┬áinto the cargo area. It will quickly remove any warm air as it rises to the roof but as vans become more car-like so the level of free airflow has reduced as manufacturers fit better seals on doors. So you have to consider how to get air into the van in the first place.

One of the most popular products we offer is the Sortimo floor vent with scoop. This means that fresh air which is underneath the vehicle will be allowed to enter the van at its lowest point, pushing warm air upwards and out of the Flettner vent. The floor vent can be fitted with the scoop facing forward to push the air in or rearward to allow a smoother flow of air based on the extraction rate of the Flettner roof vent.

Flettner roof vents come in two main styles, the original Flettner 2000 and the Flettner TCX-2. Both are similar in size and design but the TCX-2 offers nearly double the extraction of the 2000. Both operate on the basis that the faster you are driving the more extraction the vent will provide. So if you are primarily driving in 30mph zones it may be advisable to consider fitting two vents offset to increase air extraction.

So with the Flettner and floor vent you can offer a good throughput of air while driving. But what if you are stationary for long periods of times? First of all commonsense should prevail. Try to park your vehicle in a shaded area and take into account how long you will be there for. Remember the sun moves and a shaded area at 11 o’clock may not necessarily still be shaded at 2 o’clock.

Also consider the installation of a electric roof vent. We offer the Le Mans extraction/intake fan which offers better extraction rates than the Flettner TCX-2 travelling at 70mph. It consumes 80Watts of power on the 12Volt version which is approximately 8 amps of current. This is equivalent to a single rotating beacon. The electric fan is primarily designed to extract so the fan blades are profiled in such a way to maximise the extraction rate. It does have a reverse intake switch allow air to enter into the van but the intake rate is significantly less than that of the extraction figure.

So there are options available for those that need to keep the van cool during those warm days. Remember that not only does proper ventilation keep things cooler it also moves damp air out of the van reducing noticeable condensation – very important for those who carry expensive tools in their vans.

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