Transit 2014 double cab conversion

Vanax Ltd have carried out a popular conversion for the new model Transit 2014 double cab tipper and dropside ranges. Many customers utilise this model to transport workers to site while converting the rear cab area to a secure tool store for more expensive equipment they would rather not leave in the open bed area.


The specification given was to supply and install an 18mm plywood bulkhead behind the front passenger and driver’s seat, overlay the floor with 12mm plywood and to fit an 18mm lower plywood panel to protect the rear cab panel.


The rear plywood panel had the addition of ventilation holes to line up with the factory fitted plastic vent. The rear window and side windows were blanked out with polyester coated plywood to ensure it retained a professional “factory fit” image. The lower side door panels were removed and replaced with 6mm plywood utilising the existing factory holes and trim plugs. These can then be refitted at the end of the contract to return the van to pristine condition.Tailored front seat covers were also fitted to keep upholstery protected during the life of the vehicle.

Vanax are able to supply this kit for DIY installation. Please contact our sales office on 08450 348 340 for further details

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