From the cradle to the grave

We convert all vans to your specification. Sometimes we get some slightly stranger requests. We were approached by a funeral director based in Clydebank who was referred to us by an existing client. They wanted to convert there Volkswagen T5 to a private ambulance. We were able to source the specific parts from one of our suppliers in the United States and arranged express delivery to Glasgow.

Capable of carrying two coffins or one coffin plus stretcher, the floor was fitted with two 18mm hardwearing phenolic resin floors. This allowed the roller systems to be recessed for easy of loading/unloading.

Each section was fitted with four high quality rollers, single front chrome plated bier plate with stationary bier pin, 10-hole rear bier plate with adjustable, quick release bier pin. This allows the vehicle to carry a full range of coffin sizes, safely and securely. The carpeted bumper protector ensures no damage during loading.

Very few people outwith the trade would have the knowledge of how these specific parts work. The single front bier plate and stationary bier pin act as a front stop for the coffin.When it is rolled into the van, the front of the coffin rests against the rubber protected pin. Once in situ, the 10-hole rear bier plate allows the rear pin to be adjusted to sit snugly against the back of the coffin. With it’s threaded tensioner, it allows suitable pressure to be exerted against the coffin to hold it tightly during transport.

For more details or to order your private ambulance conversion, please call our sales team on 08450 348 340 for further details.

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